The collaborative live video platform to show an event from multiple points of view through a multicam video feeded by the mobile cameras of

About Watchity

Live events, consumer brands or universities are looking for new ways of engagement with participants, attendees, sponsors and viewers. Using live video is one of the key trends, but it’s hard and sometimes difficult to create it. Fortunately, when attending an event, people create a lot of video content that could be used by those organizations, although getting all this content and using it for their own purposes isn’t an easy task. What if these organizations could easily capture all those video content and use it to create an interactive and highly shareable visual story about the event, boosting this way its social reach? What if, in addition, they could do this in real time, while the content is being generated, quickly and cheaply? Watchity simplifies the collaborative recording of the event and automates the creation, broadcasting and playback of a multi-camera video –the visual story about the event, using the videos captured in real time from the mobile devices of the attendees.

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