Birchbox for wine.


Wineist is a wine tasting experience delivered to your doorstep, monthly. Each month you receive 6 premium wine samples (50ml bottles) in a box at your doorstep and you experience 6 new tastes, 6 amazing stories in 1 awesome experience. It's a curated service where we each month curate 6 different and amazing wines with the help of our international wine experts. We even profile our users and slowly create a user DNA so each of them can go in a desired wine taste direction. In contrast to other wine clubs, we are not limited, by ORIGIN or price! We try to include quality wines, without prejudice. Each wine sample cost our users only a fraction of a bottle price, so if they don’t like the wine they don’t waste money. If they like one of the wines, they can then order it in full bottles via our web site. The whole process is easier, faster and more convenient.


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