workClub Café


workClub Café is a place where nomad workers can go and work for free the paid services are eat and beverages


About workClub Café

The idea is to evolve the coworking community. In particular for nomad workers that do work form home or in existing cafeterias. The idea is to equip workClub Café as a coworking center with cafeteria services. It will have a public part and a private members-only part where you can work when you are a member. (small monthly fee) with possibilities for business encounters. The existing nomads actually go and work in existing cafeterias (starbucks) where the environment is not really fitted out for work activities and the prices are most of the time not competitive. So for a coffee or any other consumption per hour you will have a free working environment at your disposal for those moment where you do not want to work at home or in your traditional office.

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