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Worldsensing, founded in 2008 in Barcelona, Spain and based in London and Barcelona, is a market leader in innovative wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. It holds 2 divisions: -Worldsensing Industrial offers wireless monitoring solutions for civil infrastructures through Loadsensing, including a wide range of solutions to digitise almost all geotechnical sensors available on the market, and Spidernano, one of the world’s most advanced wireless seismic acquisition systems. -Worldsensing Traffic holds a unique smart traffic management portfolio that includes Bitcarrier, a real-time intelligent traffic management and information solution, and its smart parking system Fastprk. Worldsensing had his first seed capital round of investment in 2010. Loadsensing deployed its first large scale project at Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona’s Olympic Arena, in 2012. Fastprk allowed Worldsensing to become one of the foremost technological companies, since it deployed the largest smart parking project (12,000 sensors) in Moscow. Fastprk also contributed towards Worldsensing being labelled by prestigious “Pike Research” as one of the 17 companies actively shaping the Smart City eco-system. In 2013 Worldsensing received its first significant Series-A investment. Since then, it holds a strong executive team and counts on the strategic investor JFME, with direct access to Acciona. This allowed the company to grow and acquire Bitcarrier (early 2014), a world-leader in traffic flux and journey time monitoring. Today, the company employs over 40 highly qualified executives and engineers.

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