The all-in-one platform to distribute your WordPress content on mobile.

About Worona

Creating a website with a responsive design is no longer enough. Delivering compelling mobile experiences is what makes a difference and keep people engaged these days. This is where Worona enters the picture, and our platform is made to help you accomplish exactly this: deliver a standout mobile experience to your audience across all devices. Worona provides an online dashboard to publish and distribute your content across multiple mobile channels such as mobile apps, web apps or Google AMP with just a few clicks. We’ve put everything in one place so you don’t need to install any extra tool in your computer. Neither coding nor technical skills are required. Our mission is to build the best WordPress mobile experience and making it accessible to everyone. Only in 2016, 15.000+ users used Worona to expand and optimize its mobile presence. Last February, the company launched a brand new all-in-one platform which has tripled its monthly signups.

Data Worona

Created Spain, June/2015
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Status Seed
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