Audio and video calls with automatic recording, transcription and search

About Yack.net

Yack.net is team collaboration SAAS. Organizations can set up rooms where users discuss a topic by any combination of text chat, audio and video calls. We have a search function where users can search their entire history across all their rooms. Our key differentiator is audio/video calls are recorded and automatically transcribed. The transcription of the call is available in the timeline of the chat room. Transcribed text is also found in search alongside typed text. Automatic transcription is not and never will be perfect. So wherever transcribed text is shown, there is a play button to replay the call from that point. Transcribed text can be manually corrected if necessary. This solution unifies the history of conversations that take place across text and speech in a way that has not been achieved before. We have a patent pending on this integration.

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Created United Kingdom, June/2017
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