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Yambuu is the new-age secure email service will enable the users to have “complete control” over the emails they sends. Yambuu allows users to trace email’s path so they can Iind out to exactly whom the email has been forward to, monitoring unlimited levels. Yambuu Mail also lets the sender remove an unwanted stroke, delete, and instantly make any email completely unreadable to any selected recipient. Set expiration dates to self-destruct the content, also set forwarding permissions which grants the ability to forward any given message to others. Yambuu also let schedule messages at any dates and times allowing them to better manage their workflow. About security? Did you know that 205 Billions of Emails are sent daily? Private, confidential information, industrial secrets, government policies, agreements, everything is sent via Email. Problem: -Leak of Data -Insecurity when Emails are sent -Theft (Hacking) -Low Security Levels -Human Mistakes

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