Yumiwi’s purpose is to generate, amplify and measure the users interactions and experiences with brands at any given event.

About Yumiwi

We make sure that events, which are usually the least measurable branded experiences become the most measurable and result oriented experiences to brands. Providing tools of engagement and real time dashboards in order to understand at all times how your event is evolving and what these results mean to the brand.   ✔ Use of the latest experiential technologies such as RFID / NFC, Beacons as a value exchange between brands and consumers. ✔ Capture and manage LEADS providing all users with a mechanic of interaction, let it be a bracelet, a digital tattoo, a credential or their own smartphone. ✔ Generate a measurable SOCIAL BUZZ, transporting the offline experience to an online USER BRANDED CONTENT and CONTENT ENTERTAINMENT.  ✔ Monitor all interactions between the user and their friends, obtain demographics an geographic data to better understand the audience ✔ Provide powerful decision making tools to the marketing departments in order to analyse key Data points that will translate in a more accurate KPI´s and ROI of the event. "Without data, you're just another person with an opinion"

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