En la web Zalando.es puedes encontrar todo tipo de zapatos, ropa y complementos tanto para hombre y mujer como para niño.


About Zalando

En Zalando te ofrecemos mucho más que zapatos, te ofrecemos toda una experiencia a nivel de compras. Nuestro objetivo es que puedas disfrutar de un excelente Servicio de Atención al Cliente y de un amplio surtido de zapatos y artículos de moda. --- From Start-up to Grown-up: Back in 2008, Zalando started out with a simple idea: a convenient and simple way to buy shoes online. The company’s founders, David and Robert discovered that customers generally look for the same thing: an up-to-date assortment with all the relevant brands and a large selection of shoes in all sizes, colors and styles - a combination that brick-and-mortar retailers could hardly provide. An online store, in turn, could offer consumers across the globe access to the same assortment with an unprecedented choice of products. Today Zalando employs more than 7,000 people from all parts of the world. The company is set up in the form of a European company – Zalando SE – under the management of Robert, David and Rubin. The company’s fashion buyers regularly browse the world’s major international fashion trade fairs and have built up close partnerships with those global brands that are relevant for our customers.

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