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REIMAGINE FOOD, A GROUND-BREAKING DISRUPTIVE CENTRE Rethinking the food sector Reimagine Food is an ecosystem that creates and attracts initiatives out to rethink the world of food and cooking, the agrifood industry and the way we meet our food needs in the 21st century. To make this possible, we bring together start-ups, food and beverage companies and investors and bridge the gap between these groups and emerging, disruptive technology. Travelling the world: Silicon Valley, Israel, Singapore… In order to make our vision a reality, the Reimagine Food team has spent a year analysing the top entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world, such as Silicon Valley, Israel and Singapore. This research has allowed us to generate the most powerful mapping in the world: 1,400 food and technology start-ups. Working from here, Reimagine Food will bring together the professional teams from the top 100 in the world, which are set to truly revolutionise the food sector. MISSION Ecosystem for the techno-food revolution Reimagine Food aims to export and share food talent, innovation and ideas in a revolutionary way around the world, as well as incorporating successful ground-breaking projects, concepts and ideas from the rest of the world in Barcelona, its metropolitan area and organisations and brands from both here and abroad. In order to do this, we train and advise food innovators on design, production and global distribution of leading projects, attracting capital and fuelling economic growth and social wellbeing.

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