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WHAT? Midiadia is a technological platform that captures, structures and analyzes the data on the labels of food, pet, cleaning, perfumery, cosmetics and personal care products, extracts its facets and specific attributes, to market them as a service with customers of the large consumption ecosystem WHY? Because consumers are increasingly interested in knowing more about the products they buy on a daily basis. New parameters such as health, transparency, nutrition, safety, or the shopping experience have an increasing weight in consumer purchasing decisions, coexisting with traditional ones: price, taste or convenience PRODUCT A platform with an API that capture label data from online sources an let clients upload their data. Midiadia apply their own technology to standardize, and extract product facets and attributes. If its neccesary we collect label data in store, direct from packagings BUSINESS MODEL Data as a Service. We license the access to data. Pricing depends on data volume and depth of information CLIENTS Retailers: Carrefour, DIA, Consum, Uvesco, Sánchez Romero Private label: Euromadi Manufacturers: Pascual, Congalsa REVENUE 50% growing YoY Break even forecast: 2018

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Created Spain, January/2013
Status Startup

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