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What we do: DATA INTEGRATION We collect all necessary data for analysis, we standardized to eliminate all barriers to entry, integrate them into a single platform and put at your disposal Categorize all your information and make it: Consistent Accessible Exploitable This way you can add value to your products and services. DATA ANALYSIS We translate data into knowledge to serve business objectives. Discover new levers of profitability for your business through data analysis. We found opportunities to improve profitability and adjust your offer to consumer needs. We generate insights to better understand consumer. NUTRITIONAL TOOLS We develop nutritional tools to let consumers understand food labels and menus HEALTH AND FOOD We specialize in analyzing the health and nutritional content of food products and their derivatives We analyze the composition of foods and characteristics (ingredients, allergens, product messages and nutritional profile) specified on their labels and packaging. We create predictive models based on nutrient profiles of products, detect buying patterns depending on allergens, ingredients, or claims-messages. FOOD API: midíadía API allows you to integrate all kinds of content and targeted research about food products to your desktop or mobile applications We connect your users and customers according to their interests and consumer preferences based on nutritional criteria, health and lifestyles, with regard to food API USES: ALLERGY Allow your users to segment your product catalog in real time by allergies and intolerances Increased interaction with them and improve their confidence WEIGHT LOSS / TRACKING Show products according to their health messages, preparation or preservation, lifestyles and consumption moments. Give your users access to all information of the products they consume in their daily lives, facilitating the monitoring of their diet MEAL PLANNING / DIET Provides all the information of food to your users so they can plan their meal: shopping lists, meal planning, ... BRANDING Use search to generate unique content that support your publications and studies on health, nutrition, etc. Improves the connection with your customers and supports the differential aspects of your product catalog

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Created Spain, January/2013
Status Startup

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