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Florida's leading Incubator & Accelerator for Tech Startups and International Technology Companies.

About The RocketLounge LLC

The RocketLounge, Florida's Innovation Center for Tech Startups and International Technology Companies. Our Incubator & Accelerator is much more than a co-working or shared office space. RocketLounge is a tech startup's paradise. The programs includes RocketLounge Academy, Accelerator Program (6 weeks), RocketLounge Moonshot Investment Program and the RL Mentor Network. To support and create the South Florida technology ecosystem, we will organize monthly pitching & networking events where investors, entrepreneurs and CIO's get together. To organize funding for our technology companies, we partner with Florida based Angel Funds as well with VC’s from the Florida, US and Europe.. The RocketLounge Campus is located in the 100+ years old historic downtown district of Fort Myers, with all specifically designed lifestyle destinations within walking distance to thrive the tech startups development.

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Created United States, June/2015

Estrategia de la acceleradora

  • Looking for SEED/EARLY stage
  • Equity taken: 3-5%
  • Program lasts: 6 months
  • Mentors: YES
  • Training: YES
  • Office space: YES
  • Team required: YES
  • Others:

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