FFF (Family, Friends&Fools)

Business Angel

Choose this investor if your startup runs with the supportive money of friends, fools and family. Proudly created by the Startupxplore team



About FFF (Family, Friends&Fools)

We are the group of people supporting starting projects. In other words, we are the believers. We are these people who want to support your project, sometimes because we believe in it, and sometimes because we’re fed up of listening to you talking about it, and honestly, we prefer you to work on it, instead of having us listening to you all day… We are your parents, your cousins, your grandparents, your friends! We know you are the best entrepreneur, and we want to help you. We’re helping to give you the chance to try. We just have a question…? Will you remember us when your startup rockets up and you become super rich?

Estrategia inversión FFF (Family, Friends&Fools)

Additional information:
  • Stage: Seed
  • Monthly revenue = Not much…
  • Team: We believe in you
  • Avg. ticket: It depends on our savings
  • Investments per year: It also depends on our savings
  • Co-investing with other FFFs
  • Differentiation: Truly supportive, we believe in your idea

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