Early stage venture capital firm focussing on co-investments in innovative startups with exceptional founder teams.

About HRventures

We are an early-stage venture capital firm, which is part of the HahnAir Group. We are based near Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Our airline’s two-letter code is the identification code for our brand: HR. HR Ventures was founded to support exceptional entrepreneurs in achieving their goals together as partners. We define ourselves as an equal partner for all entrepreneurial challenges with in-depth expertise and a large network. We build a strong relationship with each founder to create outstanding companies We are here to help when and where you need us in a smart, focused and pragmatic way and we are sincerely committed to supporting start-up teams build game-changing companies. HR Ventures is also an EVCA member, the European private equity & venture capital association

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Additional information:
  • Stage: Seed/Early/Growth
  • Monthly revenue > XXX €
  • At least x% monthly growth on XXX
  • Pre-money valuation < X€
  • >1 founder, team fully commited
  • Avg. ticket: xx K€
  • Investments per year: X
  • Co-investing/Leads round
  • Others: Our initial investments typically range from €100,000 to €1 million, and up to €2 million over the life of the company.

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