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The leading independent German early stage fund in the fourth generation of funds.


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Being one of the most successful venture capital firms, we have been supporting founders in developing their Internet companies for over a decade. During this time, we as a team have financed over 100 companies. We seek founders who share our passion for growth and innovation and who want to achieve excellence working as a team. INVESTMENT STRATEGY For over a decade we have been investing in businesses at a very early stage, often even before the official launch of a website, and quickly provide additional funding from the moment of initial success. Especially for early-stage investments we place value on outstanding management that blazes new trails well off the beaten path. The financing of market leaders is a shared journey involving several stages. It is a journey in which we work with established financial investors, acting as the lead or co-investor. Our typical investment is between 0.25 and 15 million euros.

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