Sabadell Venture Debt


The Banc Sabadell's hybrid instrument that is halfway between equity and debt.


About Sabadell Venture Debt

Venture Debt is an alternative financial instrument to traditional capital increase- A solution that adapts to the needs of growing companies. It minimzes the dilution of the existing founders and partners. It is not intrusive. The debt is settled through the payment of interest and a stake in the company.

Data Sabadell Venture Debt

Created Spain, June/2017

Estrategia inversión Sabadell Venture Debt

Additional information:
  • Maturity time: Usually 36 months with a grace period of 6-12 months.
  • Interest: 10% - 15% monthly or quarterly.
  • Principal repayment: monethly or quarterly.
  • Structuring fee: up to 1% of the money borrowed.
  • Equity kicker: 25% of the money borrowed is capitalized at a nominal value.

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