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Via ID is a business growth accelerator, focused on ecomobility at the heart of the function-oriented business model


About Via-ID (Mobivia Group)

As a business that is part of Mobivia Groupe, Via-ID develops new enterprising concepts that apply directly to new customer needs in the sustainable mobility sector. We research all projects connected with new mobility uses. We assist young entrepreneurs and industrialists and support the development of their businesses over the long term. We develop synergies and partnerships, that are initially built on strong human relations and that are in line with the values we cherish: proximity, long-term relations, high standards, loyalty, innovation. For an entrepreneur, working alongside a multinational like Mobivia Groupe not only guarantees that the project’s identity will be protected but also provides the project with the group’s expertise, development potential and shared willingness to speed up the growth of the innovative enterprise in line the enterprise’s own natural pace.

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