Alberto Méndez


IT, development and robotics enthusiastic.

About Alberto Méndez

I'm an IT System Administrator currently doing Android development, I learned Java development during my last years of studies and then applied all my knowledges to learn Android development. I published some Android apps entirely made by me, one of them with more than 8000 active users in this moment, you can see them in the next link: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=pub:dolphinziyo I am an IT enthusiastic, I like doing system administration, development, robotics, UI/UX, information security and almost everything about IT. Linux is my daily SO and Arch what my computer runs. KISS is my rule. I'm never comfortable with my knowledges, I always want to learn more and I'm always looking for improve what I know. Family and friends are my life. Sports, travel, music, videogames and so many others are my hobbies.