20 years of expertise in business and 10 in scientific research



Trainer and consultant, researcher, communicator, entrepreneur and mountaineer. I have an incredible ability to transmit easily, the knowledge acquired over more than twenty years of intense, both personal and professional life experiences.

I studied Computer Science (physical systems) at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, although my enthusiasm for learning has brought me a wide multidisciplinary training. Dreamer and passionate, very young I decided to try always to seek my own destiny and became entrepreneur, a profession I have practiced for the past two decades and gave me extensive experience as a coordinator of over 300 technology projects, consultancy and HR training in large, medium and small organizations, both public and private.

My passion for discovery and my incessant need to understand the world and life situations I had to face have led me to spend more than ten years of my life to make research in the field of affective neuroscience, proposing original approaches and a new theoretical framework to explain the personal and social phenomena that emerge from the interaction between emotions, attention and cognition. Within this research side, I'm speaker at international scientific conferences, publish articles in high impact journals, and also provide training and develop my research in collaboration with different Spanish universities (COmplutense University, Carlos III University)

This interesting combination of actual experience and scientific knowledge is also wrapped with an innate ability to communicate, allowing me to develop and substantiate the contents of a solid form, but also affordable and very educational.

The years of experience in the mountains have provided me the space and time necessary to discover the potential that nature has as a therapeutic tool for learning, reflection and self-discovery.





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