Pablo Renaud


Expert in E-commerce Strategy. 17+ years building and accelerating ecommerce projects.

About Pablo Renaud

I'm passionate about e-commerce and online business. · I work as Head of Digital Strategy at Ebolution, helping our customers succeed in online business and e-commerce. · I share my experiences and ideas as writer and speaker (see www.renaud.es) · I'm an advisor and board member to several e-commerce companies, and lecturer in business schools. During the last 15 years of my career, focused in e-commerce, I have acquired experience about the necessary key success factors for online businesses. I was one of the e-commerce pioneers in the Spanish market, launching my first online store in 2000. I have been deeply involved in the e-commerce business since then, implementing and managing multiple online store's strategies, by defining their operations models, leading technology implementations, performing sales roles and designing and executing marketing strategies. I consider myself an e-commerce evangelist, actively sharing my experience as speaker and e-commerce strategy trainer for companies.