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At Sever Storey we focus our practice on assisting & advising landowners facing eminent domain &/or condemnation. The attorneys of Sever Storey have over 25 years of combined legal experience & have been involved in hundreds of eminent domain and condemnations actions. Our mission is simple: protect the rights of landowners & hold the government or utility that is taking the land accountable. At Sever Storey, we work exclusively for LANDOWNERS in Indiana, North Carolina, Illinois & Ohio. PRACTICE AREAS: Eminent Domain Attorneys, Landowner Attorneys, Condemnation Lawyer CONTACT: Sever Storey, LLP - Springfield 920 S Spring Street Springfield, IL 62704 Toll Free: 888-318-3761 Fax: 317-575-9943 Email: phil@landownerattorneys.com Web: http://landownerattorneys.com