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With the introduction of Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8 Microsoft started to redefine the way they store user data traditionally stored in flat files and registry, in favour of more complex databases. WinInet is responsible for internet communications in Windows and data such as cookies, history and temporary internet files. While previously these were simple files held on disk and could be simply stored or redirected, now the addition of registry and a webcache database is used and the only way of maintaining the data is to maintain all elements. This is a major problem for administrators as the webcache database starts life at 32MB and grows over time. Up to now there were two options for administrators - delete the web data which results in a terrible browsing experience for users, or store the database centrally massively increasing storage costs, network utilisation, and a poor logon/logoff times for users.

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Created United Kingdom, September/2016
Status Startup

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