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We create awesome web and mobile apps for entrepreneurs and startups in a cost-effective and timely manner based on Lean philosophy. MLSDev specializes in providing all-in-one solutions in web and mobile development. We follow lean principles and work according to agile methodologies to deliver the best results reducing the budget for development and its timeline. Our mission is to maximally unlock the potential of our clients’ business ideas through innovations. The main goal of our team is to create a product that is able to bring you profit. We care about your success and approach every project from lean perspective to minimize all possible risks and ensure the quick turnaround. As a result, the final product we deliver perfectly meets market demand. Our main services include: Business analysis; Mobile and web design; MVP development; Ongoing development. Additional services are: Proof of concept / Technical research; Load testing; IoT hardware prototyping and software development. We are passionate about our work and ready to help you build the product users will love.

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Created Poland · United States · Ukraine, November/2009

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