Indefinite Wanderers


We are taking the plunge..Plan A: To begin a life of culture immersion, thoughtful and resourceful living.

About Indefinite Wanderers

A Brief History… of nearly everything. We are Steve and Em, two British twenty-something’s with grand dreams, loving families and great friends around the globe. Like many of us however, we had a niggle, a question, a pull towards our true raison d’être. We were both serial job changers, not always because we disliked our employment but mostly due to our insatiable want for something fresh and challenging when things started to get routine and/or mundane. This explains our somewhat eclectic and diverse CV’s and somewhat peculiar skill sets and hobbies. Initially we wanted to travel the world indefinitely, we planned to move enthusiastically and organically around the world, transforming our perspectives and harnessed with the philosophical mind-set – come what may. We are passionate about fulfilling our potential, however after months of research and discussion our immediate plan for the future has evolved into something new and exciting. Instead of desperately scrambling through careers and plans, our purpose and we hope our calling became apparent when we least expected it, quickly after stepping back on the road. Instead of living our lives in search of some higher goal or outcome, we instead wish to stop searching and let life occur more naturally and spontaneously. Our ambition therefore to travel the world still remains, however at present we are instinctively drawn towards Self-sustainability, Glamping, Eco-tourism, Permaculture, green technology and having our own Cottage industry. We have ideas, we have community spirit and above all else, we absolutely have fallen head over heels for the Spanish life, culture, cuisine and language. So we are staying put, at least for the moment………… (come stay with us)

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