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INUSUAL is defined as the first qualified network of professionals in creative innovation. We create high-performing, agile work teams to help organizations reinvent themselves and achieve the referral and enthusiasm of those who work for them (teams), and of those who trust their brands (customers). Qualified Network? In order to join the network, users do not register but rather request their admission by demonstrating they are at the level required to be considered ‘professionals’. Thus, all members of a network relate to each other in an environment of confidence and high professional quality. This fact does not imply that beginners are unwelcome; however, they must present themselves as such demonstrating a minimum of knowledge in the sector in which they expect to develop their careers in the future. Later on, if they wish, members of the INUSUAL network, both experts and initiates, may obtain accreditation of their professional qualification level by way of tests corresponding to each stated capacity, and be hired by other members of the network itself, or by external clients. Creative Innovation? For INUSUAL, creative innovation is a new concept sprung up from the merging of creativity and innovation. The fact is, while it is true that innovation always requires a touch of creativity, not every innovation may be tagged as ‘creative’ They tend to be ‘more of the same’, do not contribute any real value to the client and, thus, do not leverage the opportunity to gain his/her preference, enthusiasm and referral to their own social networks. Click here for additional information on what sustains the concept of creative innovation. The mission of INUSUAL is to help both individuals and organizations become more creative and more innovative in order to stand out in the market and create an emotional bond with employees, clients and benefits throughout their lives.

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