Air-ROPS, the first automatic Rollover Protection Structure

About Air-ROPS

Air-ROPS offers an innovative automatic system to protect machinery drivers during the event of a rollover. Automatic implies that the activation of the system is independent of the will and intervention of the operator / driver. Innovative because the system consists of a ROPS structure formed by telescopic steel tubes that expand automatically in 2 dimensions (vertically and horizontally) during the rollover event and the expansion of the structure occurs in less than 0.2s (rollover time is > 0.7s) thank to a pyrotechnic actuator (airbag concept applied to rollover protection). This is achieved thanks to an electronic unit that constantly monitors the degree of inclination of the vehicle and activates the actuator when the vehicle reaches the non return angle (when the rollover becomes irreversible). This system will contribute to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities related to rollover, considered the first cause of death in the agricultural sector. The project aims to validate and introduce into the market the air-ROPS system for narrow tractors and farm ATVs, with which it is expected to reduce thousands of injuries and deaths that occur every year. Market penetration in tractor roll-over protection retrofitting market is focused on EU, USA, and Canada, and for ATVs market, EU, USA, Canada and Australia are targeted. This means a market of 1.2 million units for narrow tractors and, in the case of ATVs used in agricultural activities, 55,000 manufactured units/year and an existing park of 700,000 vehicles. Expected total accumulated profit is 18 M € by 2023 with an average yearly profit growth of 173%.

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Created Spain, March/2012
Status Startup

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