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Batú Games is an indie video game developer based in Puerto Rico, dedicated to creating lasting experiences to everybody.

About Batú Games

Batú Games is an indie video game developer based in Puerto Rico, comprised of only four core members with the goal of creating unique and memorable experiences for gamers all around the world, whether it be for mobile, consoles, tablets, or computers. We have no intention of pertaining to a certain genre or style, as we prefer to make the games that we are most passionate about, keeping in mind the limitations of our current resources. Although we are consider maintaining the PC-market route, since to us it seems the most viable at the moment, and it gives us more freedom in terms of ambition of the game, since for mobile games there are a lot of factors one has to take into consideration. That is what's pretty awesome about the video game industry though. It isn't just about one product and getting it to that one target audience; we get to make many products and to as many distinct target audiences as we'd like. Our games can have a global reach if done right and that'd simply be phenomenal.

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Created February/2015
Status Startup

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