beder is where Tik-Tok meets Tripadvisor. We bring travel booking to the next level combining user-generated videos and a metasearcher.

About beder

- Tourism platforms have not adapted to communication through short, visual and dynamic videos, which are the preferred and more engaging format type. Users consider other types of format (text, image) to be static and boring, they do not generate interest. - Consequently, users search for what to see and do on their trips and getaways on Instagram and Tik-Tok, but on these platforms they cannot see opinions and cannot book, being inefficient. - Travel content generators with <20,000 followers on Instagran or <50,000 on Tik-Tok do not monetize their content and are frustrated, they are an underserved niche. - Experience providers (accommodation, activities...) find it difficult to create content native to platforms such as Tik-Tok or Instagram, and they have difficulty reaching the audience of these platforms due to the limitations mentioned above. - We offer the user the best experiences (tours, activities, accommodation, restaurants...) that they can live and do in any destination, through attractive content and with all the information they need to be able to compare and make a reservation. - Our unique selling proposition is to unite user generated short video content + location and reviews + multiple booking options and price comparison. - We combine two products: sales-oriented web, with a selection of experiences and content that makes life easy for the user, and through an application that provides greater depth and many more functionalities for users who want a more complete experience. - We reward the creation of quality travel content through our Creator Fund, which rewards content based on the interaction it generates (similar to a revenue share model) - We use the users and content generators themselves as a go-to-market channel for beder through a system of reservable links that they can share in their content such as Tik-Tok or Instagram.

Data beder

Created Spain, February/2021
Status Startup