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The long haul freight transport in Spain is growing steadily each year. In the last 5 years it has increased by 30% , meaning that there was more than 200 millions operations with an average distance transported of 160Km per Tn. However, over 40% of these operations are performed with trucks absolutely empty. This situation describes a huge opportunity, which can be measured as an equivalent value of 1,5 Billion € per year which is wasted. Cargoffer has identified a niche in the market that requires greater efficiency, transparency and cost savings. Cargoffer offer and guarantee our clients a quality and unique service which is cost effective and is based on transparency and effectiveness for our clients to meet their transport needs. Cargoffer innovative online platform utilizes technology to revolutionize the way customers and transport companies connect to negotiate, arrange, and monitor deliveries. Cargoffer makes transport simple. The online platform accessible on any device allows customers to plan their loads, giving them the options to manually capture load details or manage multiple loads via a bulk upload function. Whatever size customer you are Cargoffer caters for your transport needs. Cargoffer’s automated online system means transporters receive immediate notification either of allocated loads or loads open for bidding. This eliminates the need for daily multiple phone calls and emails between customers and transporters. The bidding platform allows confirmation of availability and best price within 30 minutes of the customer publishing the load. On allocation, the customer selected transporters will simply book allocated loads via the platform. All you have to do is select the best bid or confirm booked loads, then sit back while Cargoffer and the transport companies handle the rest. No e-mails, no phone calls. Confirmed transporters will update all relevant truck information and collection and delivery details on the platform. All updates will immediately be visible for the customer to monitor progress. Live platform updates reduce the need for frustrating e-mails and phone calls between customers and transporters resulting in a 20% reduction in administration costs and 70% reduction in telephone costs for both parties. This also allows to eliminate Middleman costs. Every transport company or transporter goes through a strict bidding process to ensure a reliable service. Once transporters have confirmed completion of delivery by updating all relevant information, they will also upload proof of delivery. As always, all information on the platform is visible to the customer. Cargoffer handles all payments allowing customers and transporters to deal with one vendor. Cargoffer reducing your workload, bringing transparency and efficiency to all your transport needs. With Cargoffer´s technology, the process is fully transparent and live. Clients can manage all their current operations via the platform and publish load requests that are immediately seen by most of the transport companies, and they can respond confirming truck availability and cost within 30 minutes with no other interference possible. A client pushes one button to confirm and trucks start moving to loading points with all updates visible on the platform. Our strategy to grow in the market is based on three main pillars: • Run a strategic incentive program to involve drivers’ association to engage their network. • Develop a Member-get-member to boost invitations from active customers. • But also, we’ll be present where drivers are, online but also offline. The Cargoffer Team is a young multidisciplinary and talented team that combines knowledge and vast experience in the logistics and supply-chain. We are people who serve people. We believe we can go further. Currently we are looking for 150k€ investment in order to develop a good MVP and start with the first customers. Therefore we’ll spend most of the investment in product development and technology.

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Created Spain, October/2020
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