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We started CircleBi three months ago to change the way startup founders make decisions. We didn’t just write code though. We cared about your success. Since we became founders, we realized that most of startups have been running on feelings even though their founders want to be data-driven. Business data is distributed everywhere, but useful data is not. Collecting them is time consuming and boring. Also, people frequently use excel for business calculation. So we started CircleBi. CircleBi is a simple controlling dashboard to help founders make quickest and most accurate decision using data. We collect data, calculate, and analyze your actionable metrics. Cicle Bi is different from its competitors such as Domo, InsightSquared since it's lean and super-simple. It delivers the exact insights you need in 1 screen: key metrics (CAC, CLV, churn, …) & business resources overview (cash flow, project, marketing campaign, customer and employee). No more data confusion. You can start to act on them right away. Also, it’s easy to get started: just plug your data sources in, pick from pre-defined dashboards & widgets, and start boosting your business. Finally, it's built for startups and SMEs. So, CircleBi is here for you to help you optimize every penny they put in your startups.

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