Datumize is simplicity applied to a complex digital world. Datumize is Smart Data Discovery.

About Datumize

Datumize is simplicity applied to a complex digital world full of data. An alternative way to deal with Data. There is a huge potential business value in data flowing through corporate networks. This value comes from data that have never been captured before for a number of reasons: • Volume – huge data volumes are not easily handled with conventional systems. • Mission Critical – we can’t afford disrupting our core business to capture in-flight data. • Many Sources – data usually come from many different applications. • Lot of Effort – retrieving data from existing applications requires a lof of effort. • Expensive – retrieving and storing data is very expensive. Datumize Data Collector is a software that introduces an innovative approach to capture data value by providing: 1. Data Collector. Captures data from the network in a not-intrusive way. Applications are not aware about data collection. 2. Real-time data processing. Super-fast, scalable, real-time processing. For example, analizes data to detect alert conditions. 3. Data integration. Data needs to be integrated into other systems. For example, into a Big Data (Hadoop) platform for deeper and cost-effective analysis.

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Created Spain, March/2014
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