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The leading global startup accelerator with a focus on Internet of Things & Smart Data.

About Startupbootcamp IoT - Data Tech

Startupbootcamp Internet of Things (IoT) & Data Tech is the leading global startup accelerator delivering unparalleled support, mentorship, and connections to world class startups building disruptive solutions with connected devices and the immense associated data these machines create. During the course of an intensive 3-month acceleration program in Barcelona , our 10 selected startups work with 100+ mentors, coaches, partners and investors to build the next generation of products, services and companies that will change the world. The program officially ends with a magnificent Demo Day at the 4YFN stage of the Mobile World Congress, where startups pitch in front of over 400 potential investors and customers. The program is run by Founding Partner, Angel Garcia who is an experienced executive, entrepreneur and investor. Angel has broad experience over more than 20 years acting in an international environments both in Asia and US, building up startup projects. He is also the Founding Partner at Lanta Digital Venture, a Barcelona-based early stage venture capital fund focused in investing in innovative and high potential Spanish and European Startups. Angel is also a shareholder at Fractus, a well-known growing European Technology start-up in the global telecom industry which implemented a patent licensing program having collected close to $ 100 million in royalties to this day from top worldwide cellphone manufacturers. He has attracted more than € 40 million from top venture capital firms in the startup projects he was involved. He holds an Economics and Business Administration Degree together with an Executive Program at Stanford University, US. What we look for? In the area of Internet of Things we like both consumer and business-facing services leveraging the IoT as well as the platforms that are enabling those services. In the area of Data, we are looking for solutions that leverage data to create smarter, customized services, both for consumers and for business and the platforms that enable the creation and running of those services. We focus on the following themes under the IoT&Data space, across all sectors and verticals: Security, Analytics, Storage, Connectivity, Hardware, Software, Infrastructure, Platforms, Products & Services. Our benefits: Massive Growth Support The 3-month Startupbootcamp Barcelona Program guides 10 startups through the Shape, Build, and Sell stages of development, through hands-on sessions with 100+ mentors, masterclasses on topics ranging from lean methods to legal, and events to meet VCs, press and clients. Seed Funding and other Perks Every team receives €15,000 in cash as seed funding, €450,000+ in partner services, and 3+3 months of free space in our offices. Sponsored services include: legal & fiscal advice, free (marketing) software, server space, PR and marketing support, pitch and strategic media consultancy, and business model research. Location You will work in our beautiful, light-filled offices inside the Media-Tic building - right at the heart of the “22@” technology cluster. Barcelona is a great test market for new technology: with a highly diverse and sophisticated population, it’s at the forefront of mobile tech and connectivity. (That’s just one of the reasons that it is home to the Mobile World Congress - the largest mobile tech event in the world). Our city is a magnet for the kind of top talent that have the ability to live anywhere - so it’s a great place to hire and build a team; it’s full of highly educated, ambitious, international individuals and it just buzzes with creativity. Its diversity, global profile, and international outlook means that it’s also a great launchpad for global expansion into English and Spanish-speaking markets. And of course, Barcelona City Council (one of our key partners) provides dedicated support for technology companies and even designates certain areas of the city for running trials of new connected technologies. Investor Demo Day at the Mobile World Congress After 3 months of intense acceleration the selected startups get the opportunity to pitch their company at the Mobile World Congress 4YFN event: the world’s largest conference for the telecoms and technology industry with over 100,000 attendees from around the globe* (*Feb 2016) Fundraising support The help we give you doesn’t stop when you finish the 3 month program. After Demo Day you can choose to stay another 3 months in our space in Barcelona for active fundraising support. The leadership team has raised €80 million in prior ventures; our experience in raising funds and negotiating term-sheets means you can navigate the jungle of funding options with an experienced guide. We provide introductions to the right kind of investors for your needs and help you secure the best deal possible for your business. Startupbootcamp Alumni Program Upon completion of the program, all teams gain access to our expansive alumni network and enter our Alumni Growth Program. The Alumni Program means continued global support, plus attendance at our regular Alumni Summits, where we invite all the major VC funds and technology corporations with whom we work. Global Support Network Next to the top-flight 150+ local mentors that are actively involved in this program, the startups get selected access to our global network of 1,000+ mentors, 2,000+ investors, 125+ startups, and exposure to global startup hubs like Singapore, New York and San Francisco. What we ask in return: We ask for 6% equity ownership in every startup and a commitment to move your founder team full time to Barcelona for the duration of the program. All contracts are simple, transparent, and available for all to see. Timeline: Applications are now open for the program starting 28th November 2016. Visit our webpage and apply now!

Data Startupbootcamp IoT - Data Tech

Created Spain, October/2014

Estrategia de la acceleradora

  • Looking for SEED/EARLY/GROWTH stage
  • Funds up to 15000€ per team
  • Equity taken: 6%
  • Program lasts: 3 months
  • Mentors: YES
  • Training: YES
  • Office space: YES
  • Team required: YES