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Are you tired of working from anywhere? Do you want to share the empty space of your office? Are you looking for new users to your coworking space? If you are a mobile worker looking for a great place to work or you want to share your empty work space meeting new professionals, we want to help you WHO CAN USE DESKALLY? Mobile workers - Find the best places to work from You're always on the move and what you need is a comfortable space with technological equipment and services to do your job over a period of time People with empty office space - Share the empty space of your office You have empty or idle space at your place and you are willing to share it, meeting new professionals Coworking professionals - Reach more people You are the manager of a professional coworking space and you want to increase the number of users Business Centers managers - Find new customers You want to increase the number of users of your business center, meeting rooms, etc.

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Created Spain, September/2015
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