Devicare develops innovative solutions for the home self-monitoring of chronic patients

About Devicare

Devicare is a EU company based in Barcelona (Spain), leader in the care of chronic patients. Its activity focuses on developing innovative solutions for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and monitoring of chronic diseases, especially those that can be controlled from the patient’s home to improve chronic patient quality of life. Our strategy is to make agreements with hospitals, universities, technology centers, professional societies, etc. with which we work hard to incorporate technologies and knowledge that enable us to develop products and services through an open innovation model. We strictly focus on the design, development and manufacture of the products. Finaly, the distribution is done through agreements with pharmaceutical companies or In Vitro Diagnostic IVD companies with the ability to market our products and services thanks to a major territorial presence in their respective markets through hospital, pharmacy and ambulatory sales networks. Devicare is the first world developer of in-house preventive approach for Renal and Urinary Lithiasis, formed by the medical device Lit-Control pH Meter, and dietary supplements Lit-Control pH Up and Lit-Control pH Down, supported by some of the key opinion leaders worldwide in urolithiasis. Devicare also focuses on the monitoring of anticoagulant patients, offering a mentoring service supported by a team of experts in the anticoagulation field and nursing staff.

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