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DIVERSAROUND • Introduction • Concept • Service • Product • Market • Summary Introduction Diving is the only sport in the world with such large community including professional and recreational divers sharing a passion which makes them arrange their holidays and their lives around this sport. But most important diving cost money almost always and it must be done through a dive operators. The world diving industry is currently worth more than € 1000 million per year, while The Red Sea diving industry is currently worth more than € 60 million per year right now. In light of political unrest and world recession and competition from diving destinations across the globe, it is vital that this industry continues to thrive and grow. In recent times the Red Sea diving industry failed to raise up from the situation it faces. The reason for this is the result of incorrect information out there about what is happening in Egypt. The world believes that Egypt is not safe but the truth is that this is not what happen in the Red Sea. Therefore tour operators and travel agencies are diverting international tourism increasingly to other destinations, they want to make money and do not mind how, then a question arise for all of us here in the Red Sea diving industry, how to find the correct way to deliver this information to the tourists who want to come and have doubts?. Another important issue we are facing these days is the customer loyalty including tour operators, in these times we live in world where fidelity does not exist as before, tour operators are becoming increasingly demanding to continue working with us and divers in general start looking for deals on their own and each day rely more on information and opinion from other divers about the different diving services they want before hiring them, they spend long periods of time looking for best deals, best information, reviews, comments from others, etc. Many divers are starting to organize their own travelling mostly to short distance destinations like the Red Sea from Europe, so how we can solve this new funnel opening to improve the market needs of communication ?. This is how we created DiversAround, to solve all these needs. Basically what we need here in the Red Sea diving industry is a way to engage the audience without using thousands of channels of communication, to engage them in one platform where dive operators can have an honest and direct dialogue with the customer. It is evident that any business sector that wishes to grow must actively take advantage of the potential of DiversAround as a dedicated social network for divers. E-marketing can be time consuming if undertaken on an Individual diving provider basis, developing access to large data sets can be time consuming and expensive and bring limited success unless large resource can be dedicated to this. In addition ‘positioning’ on internet search engines can also present difficulties for small operators. Concept DiversAround strategy is based on a very simple idea, to be the best alternative to the internet for the diving industry connecting divers with dive operators. This has been achieved through the design of the online tools available in DiversAround. These simple tools cover all the users’ needs on day by day bases to communicate in the diving industry; users can use all these tools without the need to navigate out of the platform. Inside DiversAround, users will find from diving news, diving offers, dive operators directory, online booking system, weather forecasts, worldwide diving events, dive center schedules, photos & videos galleries, customer reports & rating, direct contact with divers and dive operator, a directory of dive enthusiasts members, and all actors of the diving industry, all this is possible inside DiversAround. DiversAround is a social network for divers, social networking is a 21st century phenomenon connecting billions of people worldwide. Our concept is to combine the social benefits of e-networking with an online selling tool tailored to the needs of the diving community. DiversAround brings together the best elements of E-Travel, Social Networking and Trip Advisor all on one website. DiversAround network combined with online advertising and the diving offers browser will be the ultimate business tool for the diving industry. The mission of DiversAround is to be the most important social network for the diving industry. In the first instance activities will be concentrated in the Red Sea with a future plan to replicate the model in other diving areas around the world. Service DiversAround is about innovation in the diving industry. Connecting divers with diving companies, building diver’s networks, improving the diving experience, raising the quality of diving companies and making diving more environmentally sustainable. DiversAround solve the communication between divers and dive operators, by using all the new channels existing these days in internet to communicate, describe, understand, promote, sell and buy diving offers in an effective way satisfying all the parties, DiversAround is this and much more. DiversAround offers the possibility of doing all of this inside the platform, and by doing this, DiversAround solve the next problem divers and dive operators have, with DiversAround you do not need to go somewhere else to satisfy all these requests, all this tools are available inside the platform. DiversAround most important value is the services we offer for the diving industry, by using simple and easy technology available to everyone, DiversAround has created an excellent tool for divers and dive operators demanding a Red Sea diving industry more straight forward, more honest, more ecological and more dedicated to the passion that unites all of us in this wonderful activity, the underwater world. In DiversAround dive operators have all the channels existed in the internet for sales and marketing strategies, and at the same time divers can search for all the info they need to get the diving services they are looking for. All of us, dive operators and divers have something in common, we all love the diving world and we want to have a clean ocean to enjoy today, tomorrow, and in the future. Product DiversAround tools are designed to connect divers with dive shops, resorts, live aboard, dive travel agents, training agencies, and other dive related organizations. We have created a platform with very simple innovate tools to use, allowing smooth and easy communication between divers and dive operators, these tools bring the answers to the offer and the demand the diving industry needs today and in the near future. DiversAround’s key components are; -LANDING PAGE , Open to the all public, as we know customer are many times concern about become a member of a platform to start with. We have create these area as a complete full website visible to everyone. This way the public can navigate in all this pages without becoming a member, they can even book diving offers safe and secure. -IDBE (internet diving booking engine) * flights and single hotel booking is also available This will work on the same principle as booking flights, hotels etc. on the internet and will allow clients to use our platform to book , diving trips (dive packages, dive courses, dive trips, live aboard trips). These system is only for legal dive operators, they are the only ones allow to sell diving offers. In the other hand this booking system is open for DiversAround members and nonmembers, anyone can book diving offers, reserve flight and hotels inside the system safe and secure. -SOCIAL NETWORK , It’s crucial for the diving travel industry to establish a quality communication channel between divers and dive operators to understand the needs of both players; this is DiversAround goal since the creation. Booking online is about to explode. Dive operators of all types are expanding online product offerings, adding in shopping carts to their web sites and experimenting with social media. Booking online in a Social network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has started to add the button “add to cart “ to some of their news feeds a few months ago to buy products, they are still experimenting. While social shopping is just getting started, DiversAround has been working in this concept for years, to be a dedicated social network for divers with a booking system where divers can search, find, compare and buy diving offers. There’s evidence DiversAround concept is a 100 % return on investment using very simple tools. Retail based social networks, DiversAround is the first dedicated social network for the diving Industry, and dedicated social network sites are the real future in social ecommerce. The future of commerce is social; there has been a tremendous amount of innovation and experimenting going on in DiversAround concept trying to figure out how to make commerce social. Commerce was always a social activity, but e-commerce has largely been a solitary activity. But with the rise of DiversAround online social experiences, we want to bring that social experience back to shopping. DiversAround social networking revealed a new, more personal approach to online shopping. Basically, your interactions with a company from the first sale become a slow live video chat with the business itself. -DIVE OPERATORS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, Dive operators profiles are a complete management system for their businesses, we have created a very simple control panel for dive operators allowing them to manage their companies all in one place. The dive operator profile is like having a web site and a dive operational center all in one place. In dive operators profiles you have marketing and promotion tools, dive planners, blogs, booking system, diving deals , activity feed, diver’s reviews, social network integrations to connect your DiversAround profiles with your favorite social networks, events, document creation, photo albums, videos, your privacy settings are all under your full control, all the system is completely controlled by each dive operator. DiversAround offers powerful data analysis tools, the ability to engage and learn from your customers for the long term. Use your Divers operator profile dashboard to monitor your audience. Catch problems before they become problems, gather useful data over time for trending and focusing your business on the areas that bring real returns on revenue ROR, learn from your customers by seeing your business from their point of view. We have many tools available to customize your company profile and personalize your services for your guest’s best experience, walk through the different options available in your dive operator profile. -LIVE VIDEO CHAT We believe live video conversation in the communication and sales process with customers is vital, this is why we have added a very powerful video chat, it can be used to control your sales funnel all the way to the payment gateway and beyond, as you can continue your communication after sales has been processed. By showing the customers who and where you are, the dive center, boat, company staff, plus to be able to follow them in their questions about your services, diving deals, how to book, your terms and conditions etc. The possibility of closing a sale and do not lose it, increase dramatically. -RESPONSIVE THEME DiversAround is ahead of the latest developments in online booking for the diving travel Industry including the increasing role mobile phones are playing for divers around the world in a fast-changing marketplace, the internet. This is why DiversAround use a full responsive theme functionality to improve the visibility in any device. *Any registered and reputable Dive Centre in the Red Sea will be eligible for inclusion in DiversAround giving customers access to hundreds of potential offer. -Market The Red Sea diving industry is the biggest diving university worldwide, and the largest diving destination in the world. This is why we have decided to start our company from this part of the world, to evaluate our project in a place where we know everyone directly or indirectly, if we have any kind of issues, we can always fix them easily by a phone call or by visiting the place, we believe to be able to grow properly and gain a good reputation, we should test our concept in a familiar environment before we jump to the rest of the world. DiversAround plan is to expand around the world once we know we are ready, we believe to expand once we are strong in the Red Sea will be easier, the expansion can be based in the same parameters used to calculate our impact in The Red Sea. Anyway we are very flexible about this area as the system is already ready embrace for all the world. We know our future is to expand worldwide, our goal today is to test our product in the Red Sea and use the results to prepare our future strategy, many operators in the Red Sea they already have presence in other diving regions around the world, and the Red Sea is the biggest diving community in the all world. -Our potential clients in the Red Sea More than 480 dive centers More than a 1000 resort/hotels related to the diving industry More than 72 live aboard diving operators Many more than 50 snorkel dive boats Dozens of diving equipment shops Conservation organizations Professional organizations/associations connected with diving and tourism. -Our potential clients outside Red Sea related to the region Divers from all around the world Travel agencies 1000’s of diving tour operators All major diving equipment manufacturers Professional organizations Worldwide conservation organizations -Visitors to the website Divers, each diver tells his story to a minimum of 10 people after a trip and post it in social media. There is an average of 2 instructors and 2 dive masters per dive center. Each instructor & dive master will have a minimum personal interaction with at least 10 persons in one month From each 10, around 8 will navigate internet looking for Red Sea information. From each 10 at least half of the divers will come to the Red Sea. More than a million tourists come to the Red Sea each year many of whom take the opportunity to begin diving Average cost per week for diving holiday including hotel € 350 to € 1000 Average cost per return flight from Europe € 350 to € 750 Commission per dive trip is around 15%, € 35 to € 50 per person making a booking. Commission will also be made on flights and hotel bookings. Summary We believe as DiversAround content is highly specific and targets a very particular audience, there is a good chance we will find strong audience engagement. We know our audience, as we are them, we also know what they want and need. DiversAround has been created to resolve the main problem for the diving industry, communication. In an industry all about services as the diving industry is, to improve the communication channel between divers and dive operators is a must, DiversAround concept fits exactly what the market is been asking for years, with DiversAround the communication between divers and dive operators is fluent, safe and secure, divers can check the type and quality of services, prices, even environmental issues will be solved. Who wants to offer bad services when their reputation can be exposed in the platform straight away?. According to a study 93% of companies agree that they are now under more pressure to deliver measurable ROI (return of investment). The more you can learn about whom your customers are, and how your marketing/sales funnel is performing, the better you’ll be at predicting which of your new leads will have a high likelihood of becoming customers. According to a study nearly three-fourths (74%) of online consumers get frustrated with websites when the content they see on the page has nothing to do with their interests and they need to go from one place to another to get what they want. This is just one indication that the traditional, marketing techniques one-size-fits-all approach to serving content is on the decline. Tour operators and Travel Agencies are not anymore leading the sales marketing strategies for the diving Industry. New buying tendency are showing customers are more into doing the things on their own then to keep buying from middleman companies. We believe with the right team and the right impulse DiversAround can become what we all in the diving industry are looking for since long time. DiversAround is the ultimate tool for the diving industry.

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