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On-line software as a service for early education. But also, … Multicultural, Configurable and Multilanguage.


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Good morning everybody, my name is Carlos Estellés from Lola Pirindola. Well, … what do we do? On-line software as a service for early education. But also, … Multicultural, Configurable and Multilanguage. Then, … let’s get to the point! What´s the pain in education? What´s the real pain in education? Experts are talking about early stimulation but, children are still receiving the same materials than twenty years ago. Children pick up knowledge like sponges and they want more and more but they are still given repetitive exercises with no change. Northern European countries or countries like Japan have multicultural learning systems, but most of the countries are still focused on just the things around them. To summarize, if every child is different and every child needs a different motivation, why do they have the same educational material? Ok. In Lola Pirindola we have done just one thing, … we have listened. We are experts in it! … in listening! We have over five years of experience in the educational sector and we have sold over twenty eight thousand products We can say that our strength is customer knowledge. But, who are our customers? Well, … schools and individuals. During this time, during these five years, we have listened and we have paid attention to their needs and … They’ve told us: “we would like to have a platform to create our own educational material, our own curricular project, …” We would like it Customizable! … We take a note. We would like it Multicultural! … Note We would like it Configurable! … Ok. We would like it Multilanguage and always different, … anything else, educators? Wow! Yes, yes, yes, … We would like it to be in the cloud They also demand a print on demand system, not depending on a big publisher They also demand to create, in the early future, their own interactive digital books It would be amazing, true? So, we thought about it, … and we’ve worked hard during these last months and … We got it! Yes, Multicultural Configurable Multilanguage Always different Thousand of pictures and drawings All the subjects Reading and writing Road safety education Mathematics (The five senses) Whatever you want! Whatever you need! What about traction? Over twenty eight thousand sales. Or, … We have over four hundred clients thanks to our distributors Those are some people who trust us all over the world And, … During the last month, around two hundred potential clients have shown interest in the product before landing People are talking about us For example, Smart Technologies tomorrow in the Bett Show in London … We get clients with … An on-line marketing planning. And we get clients with … A distributors channel. What about the market? Only in Spain there are over forty thousand schools. You have the data by continent. And … if you prefer, this is the global data, … those are the schools all over the world and children from early to primary school. How do we make money? This is the price of an annual subscription for a small school or an individual. This is the price for a medium school. And this is the price for people who want more. This is the standard! Also we have a small fee for each worksheet printed on demand. What about investment? Money? Better, smart Money! Ok. Do you feel like talking about it? Well, … To end, let me show you the work team Here we are! This is Mónica, the pretty partner. Thanks Mónica for being there! This is me, Carlos, … the ugly man! This is our team, Iván and Bernar. Thanks guys for your time! This is our advisor, David Zaragoza. Thanks David for believing in us and introducing us to Plug And Play! These are the people ... you know well! Thank you Plug and Play for this opportunity. And thank you all for your attention!

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