Foldercrate combines standard online services like email, cloud storage, calendar, notes, friend list and chat in a single service.

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Current problems: You have too many things open on your PC. There is a service, here is a software, why not have all in one instead of separated? Don't you want it simpler? It swallows too much performance, it makes your eye turn around. Current companies abuse data, they lack security and don't care if it customer data gets stolen and even abuses the data themselves. Also, they are too minimalistic, being simple is important but having nothing to offer is not the same. Many features are missing, sometimes the performance is lacking and most important you don't have any freedom. Either you buy too much storage or not enough. The design is not selectable and the layout is sometimes a pain for the overview. Solution: Everything is one, everything has its place, a clear overview, more features and yet simpler than any single service. We offer privacy and security since many don't want their data to be abused by big companies. But beside of that we have a lot more features than everyone else. You will be able to work with shortcuts on the keyboard, having a smooth interface to right-click with the mouse, drag & drop and even more. We want the customer to have as much freedom as possible. Foldercrate will be available for the web, desktop, and mobile app. You can change the design, layout, colors and even Icons. You can scale the amount of storage you want and even buy it for a lifetime. Companies don't want to depend on us? By buying the license, script and even servers they have the whole service for their company with their own logo set. What we do is "reinventing the wheel".

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Created Switzerland, September/2015
Status Startup

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