Private Network Platform for Fresh Produce Trading. Producers, Wholesalers, Import-Export traders and Logistic companies. #FoodTech




Hi, we are FruitsApp, and we are going to change the way of make trading in the fresh produce industry.

The way of doing business in that sector is a mess, is completely obsolete, the main actors of the chain are still using traditional ways of communication like phone calls, emails, faxes... for their daily procedures. Wasting a lot of time and a lot of money.

How can we solve this situation? With FruitsApp, We have created a B2B platform where all these professionals can find the right connections to get the best deals for their businesses. 

FruitsApp is a platform where they can make all their daily operations as purchasing, selling, negotiation, customer research… 

All, in one place, becoming in an easier, faster and cheaper way of doing business in the fresh produce industry.
Organization founded in Italy. Since November/2016. STARTUP phase.


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