GrabOn is a pioneer in offering genuine digital coupons along-with social and mobile facilitated online vouchers.

About GrabOn

GrabOn is one of the products which got incubated in Landmark IT Solutions during its idea stage. The idea was pitched by 6 fresh graduates who were hired as interns for a project and later went on to become the founders of one of India’s leading coupons and Deals Company. Like Google, Landmark IT Solutions also believes in the concept of 80% work and 20% exploring ideas. It was in that 20% exploring time that GrabOn was built. The entire project was incubated and executed within 59 days. GrabOn is built on a very strong platform of cold fusion and runs by the motto of providing valid coupons to its users. There are more than 1000+ merchants across India that have signed up with GrabOn and the list keeps growing. Just 1 year old in the Indian market, today GrabOn is considered to be a powerful brand and has grown from 6 interns to team of 15 experienced marketers who have strong background in the digital and e commerce space. Today GrabOn, is the only company in its vertical that not only serves its users with the best discounts in the market but also builds products that helps them save on their monthly shopping expenditure. GrabOn, apart from the recent facelift has also launched India’s first shopping savings calculator “save.grabon.in” and has already partnered with 15 startup companies across India. With Santa coming early this year in the form of GOSF 2014 a.k.a Google online shopping festival, GrabOn is confident of breaking their previous revenue records of generating 1 million in three days. They have already partnered with the leading IT company employees, set their campaigns and are eagerly waiting for the GOSF 2014 launch. GabOn’s Alexa rank of 1500 within the first year is quite an achievement. GrabOn clocks 2.5 million unique visitors a month and the company plans to expand further and raise another round of investment early next year. “We want to hit the 10 million unique visitors per month mark by February, 2015” says the Founder, Ashok Reddy. Currently operating remotely in the US, GrabOn plans to fully function globally by 2015.

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Created India, September/2013
Status Startup

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