is a mobile solution for hospitility industry to help to improve communication with a new generation of guests

About Guestperience

As a guest, do you see any value on waiting in cue for 20 minutes to do a check-in process? it is any value for the hotelier on this? no! every minute of your guest is gold! so it is time to transform properties on hospitality and adapt to the new generation of guests and mobile era, or they will soon run away from your properties. Guestperience is the Guest Mobile Solution for the hospitality industry that will bring a new generation of guests the best experience since properties will improve their work processes, increase their ancillary revenues and direct booking, cut printing costs and improve the guest experience. This innovative solution for hotels and appartments will allow hoteliers and owners to interact with arriving guests in real time, give them unique content and interactive services and obtaining the maximum of each other along the “pre-stay, stay and post-stay” stages.

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