Microsoft Bizspark. Invaber for consumer: Advertisement can be personal. Invaber for business: Your business traffic driver and spotter.

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Customer retention or customer acquisition becomes very challenging for many businesses despite significant investment of time and money. Moreover there are many debates such as customer retention versus customer acquisition all around the world, regardless of the industries. Due to now we have advance information technology. We no longer need to focus either customer retention or customer acquisition. The main goal is to acquire and retain customer on the same time. The most efficient way is before we acquire new customer, we retain them on the same time. Invaber was formed because Invaber confident to ensure business subscriber can archive customer retention and customer acquisition on the same time. Besides that founder Brian Choo started design/research/finalize the solution on May 2012 after get the inspiration from his career on the banking industry major in fraud detection system. Purchase funnel process is a whole process flow from consumer having the awareness to make decision to purchase. Current/existing method and trend is too confuse/complex/conflict/unreliable and getting worst day by day. Example all type of advertisement, company websites, e-commerce site, blog, forum, Facebook and etc. Therefore new unify method and trend becomes very demanded by consumer. Added value if all this process can be automated to speed up the process to prevent interested consumer to change their mind. Invaber for consumer: Advertisement can be personal. Everything easy, best deals, organizes, plan able, supported, reliable and personalize/customize for consumer. Never miss any promotions or preferences. Invaber for business: Your business traffic driver and spotter. Drive traffic fast, easy, accurate and confirm sales to business. Quicker even compare to existing model which cost 100 thousands and Invaber offer only 2 thousands per month because everything automated and using enterprise technology.

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