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We are building an automated trading marketplace designed to help the amateur trader manage his risks and be more successful. We help the trader select and combine the best strategies to meet his trading goals (risk, profit and time) and trade those strategies form him automatically. On one side of the marketplace we have the best professional trading strategy developers. Strategies that are completely rule based, witho no human intervention. We screen and filter those strategies to publish only the best. Once they are published, the developers rent their strategies to retail traders. We take care of all the administrative tasks of the developer's bussiness so they can only focus on developing new strategies. Once a strategy is published and we start tracking it, the developer can't edit it's rules. This way, past results are somehow predictive of future ones. On the other side we have amateur traders / investors. They define their investing targets (max risk, time and capital allocation). With this we give them a very inteligent preselection of the strategies that fit their needs. In a very easy manner (graphical and beautiful) he can combine strategies to build a portfolio. The platform evaluates real time the strategies he is combining to guide him through the process seamlessly. When he has decided the portfolio he wants, we give him a full report of it's past performance and also a forecast of plausible future ones using. We use complex simulation criteria but present the results to the trader in a rigorous yet simple to understand way. Once the trader decides the portfolio, we ask him to set alerts on each strategy and for the complete porfolio. We ask for maximum loss accepted for each strategy and also for the account (which we already know from the start and only need to confirm). Then the platform starts trading it in his brokerage account automatically and we keep track of his portfolio sending alerts when the predefined events occur so he can take action if needed. He has nothing to do except reading our alerts if and when they come. We are democratizing a way of investing that has long been used by institutional buy side companies: algorithmic trading. The technology and the inteligence are available, we only put them together and offer them to the amateur short term investor.

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