Art inventory management platform for Art Galleries and Collectors. Accessible from any computer or mobile device

About ITgallery

ITgallery is an online inventory management system for your gallery, accessible from any computer or tablet with internet access. The system was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. It is a highly secure online system that has been thoroughly Beta tested by a lot of galleries. Easy Access ITgallery developed from the idea that we could reduce the headaches that we found many of our clients experienced with their old inventory management software. Designed to replace those systems, ITgallery is a Web-based solution for tracking everything from contacts and transactions to artwork, invoices, purchase orders and much more, and it is accessible online from any computer or mobile device with internet access. Customized for Art World Users We designed ITgallery to meet the needs of the galleries—a fast, secure, and easy to use system customized for art world Users. The size and turnover of gallery staff demands simplicity of technology and quick and easy training. Galleries want a system that does not require taking courses to understand, and a mobile system that allows access to their most important assets when traveling. Intuitive & Easy Check the ownership history or provenance of artworks. Keep in control of your most important assets and track 'who did what and when' in the system. Instantly update appraisals or insurance values. Know the cost of photographing, framing, hanging, restoration, and shipping. Securely access your inventory in real-time, online from anywhere in the world.

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