Jobandtalent is the first application created to ensure that candidates never miss another job opportunity.

About JobandTalent

jobandtalent offers employers a smarter and more efficient way to connect with the most hard to reach talent on the market. Our matching algorithm automatically seeks out passive candidates (professionals who are open to new career possibilities but not actively seeking) by identifying relative users who have previously registered their details on the site. Unlike simply posting a job or performing laborious CV searches, jobandtalent has created an easier way for employers and top quality candidates to find each other. Job seekers from diverse professional and experience levels use jobandtalent to find out about new career opportunities. The most popular professional areas on the site are IT, finance, marketing and administration with over 2.5m available career opportunities across Europe and North America.

Data JobandTalent

Status Growth
Total inversión 1.520.000€
Rondas inversión
  • Early/Startup 07/2013
    2.500,00 K€
  • Early/Startup 07/2014
    10.800,00 K€
  • Early/Startup 05/2015
    25.000,00 K$
  • Early/Startup 06/2016
    42.000,00 K$
  • Early/Startup

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