Kame was born to achieve connectivity between team members. It's an efficient and simple app for players and a powerful tool for tournaments




How often have you found yourself in any of these situations?
• You lose a lot of time organizing your group of friends to attend a match.
• Being tired of answering "I going", "I'm not going" in chat groups or long email chains where valuable information is always lost or difficult to retrieve.
• Receive calls at the last minute, with someone who got lost on the way. Having to indicate the correct way to get there and differing the start time of the game.
• Pursue the ones that arrive late or fall asleep.
• Organizing and coordinating your team members of friends every week ends up demotivating you, which leads to practicing less in sport.
• Forget you had a meeting or trip and confirmed your attendance at a match because you don’t have all the information in the same agenda.

Kame was born after having lived all these situations again and again.

How is it possible to keep having the same problems over time when technology should help , and still we keep using old systems as emails or chats where the main info keeps getting lost and not all the participants are equally informed?

Our goal is to solve this with KAME, a simple and yet very practical tool that will make sport practice easier than ever before. The main functions are:
• Confirmations system and segmented attendee lists.
• Maps and GPS navigation to the pitch.
• Calendar integration and alerts. 
• Team chat between all participants in each individual event.
• Personalized module championship organizers to upload all calendars, check assistance of allow teams to postpone games.
Organization founded in Spain. Since June/2015. SEED phase.


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