Scaling transactional data management

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One of the main concerns at enterprise IT is the lack of scalability of traditional SQL databases, which forces them to waste time and money to overcome this lack, for instance, by using sharding or mainframes. This is precisely the problem we have solved. We have built and ultra-scalable transactional SQL database. It scales horizontally from 1 to 1000s of nodes. Enterprises generally use today two different kinds of database systems, a transactional database to keep their operational data, and a data warehouse to perform analytical queries. As they are two different systems, the data has to be copied from one into the other. The development & management of this copy process (known as ETL) is estimated to be 80% of the budget of doing business analytics. LeanXcale’s database, thanks to its scalability, provides the two functionalities (operational database and data warehouse) in a single system, thus avoiding the copy process (ETLs) and saving 80% of the budget of business analytics

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