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Bullnet Capital is a Spanish Venture Capital firm specialized in high-tech startups in the IT sector and closely related areas.

About Bullnet Capital

Bullnet Capital is a Spanish independent Venture Capital firm specialized in high technology start-ups. We invest in companies with proprietary and innovative technologies in the IT space or closely related areas (enterprise software, electronics, photonics, laser, medical devices, scientific instrumentation, etc.). We look for ground breaking technologies that are the result of a previous R&D effort, and very difficult to replicate by third parties just by "brute force". Formal protection of the technologies (with patents) is desirable but not a must. We intend to become a value partner of the investee company, not only a provider of funding, since the very begining. During the due diligence process we help the entrepreneurs identify and solve their weaknesses, and assess them with potential improvements in their strategy, even before formally becoming partners. We look for relevant but minority equity stakes.

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Created Spain, March/2002

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Additional information:
  • We strongly adhere to the following criteria when filtering potential investment opportunities:
  • .- Companies that develop products in the IT/electronics/photonics/scientific instrumentation space.
  • .- No preference for a specific field of application or industry (except the military and gaming industry).
  • .- Commited team (more than one founder) with strong technical skills and background.
  • .- Proprietary IP or solid barriers of entry from a technical standpoint.
  • .- Looking for a seed or early stage round.