MainTool, makes any kind of standard watch smart by fitting the best of wearable electronics into a regular leather strap.

About MainTool

Building the first and only smart watch straps that can be fitted with any standard timepiece without compromising on design, brand, culture and sentimental value. Leading MainTool's marketing strategy, working with an international team (+15 people) based in Madrid, Paris and Philly towards our product's final industrial phase in partnership with leading strap producers. Holding discussions with all top watch brands excited about working with us to bring this innovation to the world. Open to collaborating with all brands as well as developers of mobile apps for wearables and people willing to help us make use of our product in vertical markets where it can have dramatic social impact in a service approach (e.g. seniors' health).

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Created Spain · France, February/2014
Wokers 15
Status Startup

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