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Melboss is the platform that Connects, Discovers and Develops Musical Talent

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Melboss provides a music ecosystem that consolidates all the players in the industry and offers innovative services for career development and “music intelligence” tools, creating synergies and providing the best insights and analytics to all the companies looking for music talent. Melboss provides specialized digital marketing services to artists to increase their online visibility, increase the engagement with their fanbase, increase the streams/views in Spotify/Youtube, increase the sale of tickets etc. Melboss provides 1-1 mentoring sessions with world class mentors (producers, managers, A&Rs, promoters, vocal coaches, personal branding experts) able to understand their needs and provide customized feedback, tips, advices, contacts etc. for the development of their careers. Melboss provides opportunities to connect artists with the music industry. The opportunities allow the connection with record labels, publishing companies, management companies, media, recording studios, festivals/showcases, brands and foundations.

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Created United States · Spain, August/2014
Status Growth

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