Nascent Mobile Ad Delivery Platform; Consumer-Controlled




Through our proprietary Mobile Advertising Delivery Platform, MobileMediaOne has developed a solution that addresses the fragmented and chaotic Consumer Digital Ad Delivery sector.

The current status quo has Software Algorithm Solutions, Big Brands and Global Mobile Ad Aggregators in control of the mobile ad delivery cycle.  No more.  Our technology solution allows Consumers to take control of what type of mobile ads they receive!

Our consumer-facing mobile app 'Uniko', applies Intelligent Technologies leveraging Artificial Intelligence, GPS and Personalization strategies to reengage apathetic, frustrated and confused consumers.  Our goal is to recalibrate the consumer to business relationship by making ad-blocking technologies redundant and redefining the dysfunctional business-consumer relationship so both benefit equally.  

Our Platform promises major benefits to Business and Consumers:  Business Ad/Coupon spend/ROI become cost efficient and return more cash to the bottom line.  Businesses will see better customer acquisition, retention and repeat business.  

Consumers receive offers whose criteria are defined by THEM.  Therefore, there is more perceived VALUE and RELEVANCY; Higher Spending and Engagement; Repeat Business; Discovery of Local Businesses and Services that meet their specific needs/wants at the right time and location.
Organization founded in United States · Spain. Since August/2015. STARTUP phase.



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